Olivier Lecarme
Home Computer Consultant

A computer at home

Do you want to:

  • learn and develop your knowledge?
  • communicate?
  • inquire about products or services?
  • work at home?
  • manage your bank accounts and investments?
  • store, exchange, and handle your photos and videos?
  • listen to, store, and exchange music?
  • manage your spare-time activities?
  • look at, store, and exchange movies?
  • play games?
  • keep aware of the latest news?
  • do shopping?

Then you're certainly looking for a home computer, which will match your desires but also your actual needs.

What you must do

Almost all these uses need a good connection to Internet. Obviously, you also need a computer, and on this computer you need some set of applications. Finally, you must learn how to use the computer and the applications.

The lot of knowledge and practice necessary for all that is not known by most people. One cannot buy a computer in the same way as a dishwasher, and its user manual, if it was available, would need several thousand pages.

The first serious problem is to buy the computer. Its price can be large (from 1000 € to twice or thrice this amount). The shop assistants will not assist you in buying what you need, but only it buying what they want you to buy.

Then, how to make a good use of the innumerable capabilities of this computer? How to learn how to use all these applications? What to do in case of problems? Too many people are forced to ask for help to friends, neighbours, or siblings, not really more competent than themselves.

What I can do for you

I have been a computer scientist for many years. I decided to place my knowledge to your service. On this site, I will explain you all my possible contributions, from advice to trouble shooting, including installation, teaching and preventive maintenance.

By comparison with shops or craftpersons who provide help about computer use, my professional approach presents some specifitiesL

  • I aim only private persons, the users of home computers.
  • I promote and install only free software, independant of any commercial vendor.
  • I can help you in all the aspects of home computer use.
  • I always search for you the simplest and least expensive solutions.

The list of pages that appears on the left will guide you in browsing this site. Do it as you like. When you need further information, go to the page Contact and contact in the way you prefer, in English of course.

See you soon!


Last change: 2010/12/10